Why is Tetris the only Journalist-approved game?

Tetris is currently the only journalist-approved game, you may ask yourself, why? This is for multiple reasons.

Firstly, Tetris only has POC representation, and no whxte pieces. All Tetris pieces are pieces of colour which smashes the whxte mxle patriarchy.

Secondly, All pieces are gender neutral. Tetris pieces have no gender, which breaks the normal video game rule of a “Male” or “Female” character, this JLGBTQIA+ representation is great!

Finally, all pieces are equal. No piece is worse than any other in Tetris, every piece is as valuable as any other. This inclusivity of all pieces is what makes Tetris great.

In conclusion, as per the reasons above, Tetris is the only journalist approved game becuase it has POC representation, JLGTQIA+ representation, and all pieces are equal.

Thankyou for reading.

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