Is it time we ban police from POC majority neighbourhoods and allow them to police themselves?

Police have always been an issue for POC, the police force has always been racist and bigotted to POC, because of their colour of their skin. This is still present today with the many killings of unarmed POC, for no reason at all. The police are also anti-BLM, sending in undercover agents to start violence then arresting those who participate.

So, I propose we ban police from Majority POC neighbourhoods completely and allow them to police themselves. This would almost instantly end all racism in POC majority neighbourhoods, as the police cause 99% of the racism there. I also have a name for these “no-go zones” where police aren’t allowed to go.

As Well as this, Police should be fully disarmed in a 2 mile zone around each neighbourhood, preventing racism just outside the hood.

This will then slowly get larger until all police are disarmed, then abolished with POC policing themselves, everywhere.

In conclusion, we should allow POC to police themselves, as to prevent racism. Thankyou.

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