I played “Call of duty: Modern warfare” for 30 days… This is how I almost became a violent Gamer.

So in the research for this article, I decided to play “Call of duty: Modern Warfare” everyday for an entire month.

This was to find out how these games effect us as humans, and whether or not it would effect me. In this article, I will document certain events throughout various days of the month.

Day 1

So during day 1 of this experience , I immediately noticed how violent and toxic the community was. In my first game alone, I was called various slurs, including the N word (hard r).
It was relatively quiet for my next few games. Until my forth or fifth game, where I was again called various slurs. Bear in mind, I was just playing “regular” Team Death match, which is meant to be for more casual/newer players.

Day 5

By day 5, I had started feeling different. I felt more aggressive towards other players, especially my team mates.
I was now, doing fairly decent, averaging around 10-15 kills per game, and was around level 30.

Day 13

Day 13 is where things went from bad to worse, I was now playing games like “Search and Destroy”. Which requires lots of teamwork, and agression. Almost every mistake would cause someone to be incredibly offensive, from swearing to even more racial slurs, transphobia, homophobia any various other things.
I, myself, started becoming much more aggressive to other players and nearly called them offensive words and phrases myself.

Day 21

This is when the aggressiveness from the game leaked into the real world. I became more aggressive and angry at my Co-workers and friends. Obviously, they knew I was playing the games for research, but urged me to stop due to my drastic change in behaviour. I only had 9 days to go though, so I continued.

Day 30

Upon completing day 30, I deleted “Call of duty: Modern Warfare” off my xbox one forever. My behaviour had changed drastically over the 30 days and that was only 30.

This raises the question of how much does it change someone who plays for a year or more?
We can not continue to allow games like this to be sold and played. The rise of violence recently, has been correlated with the rise of video games and causing many younger people to become alt-right, or agree more with fascism.

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this informational. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on my discord:


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