Is punk music racist?

Punk music is meant to be violent, anti-state, anti-status quo. However, it may in fact be racist.

Punk music has and is still dominated by White Males, who seem to believe THEY know what’s best for POC around the world, without ever asking them.

Punk music is often seen as positive and a force for good, for everyone, including minorities. However, it is centred on White Males. For example, a well-known British punk band, who won’t be named for fear of a lawsuit, tries to be pro-immigrant, pro-women etc. But never actually asks or helps the groups they claim to support. The band consists of only White Males, none of which fall into any minority group.

This is disgusting. The lack of diversity in this so called “Band” is offensive to a minority, like myself.

To conclude, punk is actually a hateful genre of music which only furthers the white man’s goals over the people it claims to support.