Why the number “69” is problematic… And needs to be removed.

The number is sexist.

The number “69” implies a mxn and a womxn. The key thing here is, that it objectifies womxn, giving the appearance that they are a object like a number. This is deeply offensive and rooted in bigotry.

The number is ableist.

Not only does the number objectify womxn. It also is bigotted towards persyns of less ability. This means that persyns of less ability aren’t included in the number.

The number is transphobic.

As outlined above, the number implies a mxn and a womxn. This excludes transgender persyns which is a highly common form of discrimination.

So what can be done?

I propose we ban the number entirely and wipe it from existence. Instead of the number line going 68, 69, 70, it goes 68, 70, 71 etc.
However, all other numbers would not be effected e.g. 28, 29, 30, 31 etc. would remain unaffected.

Thank you for reading.

Is it time we ban police from POC majority neighbourhoods and allow them to police themselves?

Police have always been an issue for POC, the police force has always been racist and bigotted to POC, because of their colour of their skin. This is still present today with the many killings of unarmed POC, for no reason at all. The police are also anti-BLM, sending in undercover agents to start violence then arresting those who participate.

So, I propose we ban police from Majority POC neighbourhoods completely and allow them to police themselves. This would almost instantly end all racism in POC majority neighbourhoods, as the police cause 99% of the racism there. I also have a name for these “no-go zones” where police aren’t allowed to go.

As Well as this, Police should be fully disarmed in a 2 mile zone around each neighbourhood, preventing racism just outside the hood.

This will then slowly get larger until all police are disarmed, then abolished with POC policing themselves, everywhere.

In conclusion, we should allow POC to police themselves, as to prevent racism. Thankyou.

Why beds are racist… And should be banned.

Beds are for comfort, but are all beds equal? No.

Originally, beds were used to elevate the class status of a persyn, lower class persyns would sleep on straw or simple beds whereas upper class would sleep on luxury silk and cloth.

This classism also directly correlates with the status of POC in society. Slaves in America, would sleep on the floor while their “Owners” would be on a luxury bed. This deep rooted idea of lower class and POC should have worse beds needs to change.

The best way to equalise all, would be by banning beds all together. No one is allowed a bed, this way the classism and racism associated with beds is impossible. If this is too radical for you, I propose we instead impose 1 standard of bed for everyone, which is also free for POC and other minorities. This means no bed is bigger than another, and everyone is 1 step closer to equality.

This tied in with a new law that dictates that every room must be the same size and layout, means that a Whxte Mxles house is no larger than a Persyns of colour’s house. Houses would also be free for POC and other minorities of course.

All this will lead us 1 step closer to true equality, where the Whxte Mxn is no longer above POC, and other minorities in society. This will finally bring an end to racism, and only then can we start forming a new world, a new equal world.

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Why colour is ableist… And should be banned.

The concept of colour comes from a place of privilege and also has a deep rooted history of racism.

A huge proportion of people in the UK and many other countries are colourblind (https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/colour-vision-deficiency/)

And the ability to perceive colour means you are more abled, than someone who can’t. This means you are more privileged than them.

Colour also has a deep rooted racism, to do with skin colour. People of Colour were and still are often treated as lesser than Whxte People, simply because they are a persyn of colour. This needs to stop.

There are many examples of this through history, including the segregation and slavery periods in America.

During the segregation of Whxte and Non-Whxte Americans, people of colour were given a separate drinking fountain, which was of much lower quality than the one for the Whxte People. Furthermore, POC were made to move to the “back of the bus” for Whxte people to sit down, if they refused, they could be arrested or worse.

Colour is also ableist towards persyns who suffer from ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), some people with ASD, find bright lights and strong colours an issue, due to no fault of their own, these colours can cause a sensory overload and a meltdown which can cause the persyn with ASD to harm themselves or others.

In conclusion, Colour as a concept should be banned as it is ableist and racist, with a deep rooted bigotted nature. Thankyou for reading!

Why is Tetris the only Journalist-approved game?

Tetris is currently the only journalist-approved game, you may ask yourself, why? This is for multiple reasons.

Firstly, Tetris only has POC representation, and no whxte pieces. All Tetris pieces are pieces of colour which smashes the whxte mxle patriarchy.

Secondly, All pieces are gender neutral. Tetris pieces have no gender, which breaks the normal video game rule of a “Male” or “Female” character, this JLGBTQIA+ representation is great!

Finally, all pieces are equal. No piece is worse than any other in Tetris, every piece is as valuable as any other. This inclusivity of all pieces is what makes Tetris great.

In conclusion, as per the reasons above, Tetris is the only journalist approved game becuase it has POC representation, JLGTQIA+ representation, and all pieces are equal.

Thankyou for reading.

Is reddit a hate website?

One of my polls and articles was recently spread on r/tumblrinaction, a bigotted, nazi subreddit full of disgusting whxte mxles.

As shown below, this is what they did.

This is clearly a personal attack, as the poll was then influenced highly by these bigots, and will need adjusting. I have had to speak to a Lawyer on how to stop these personal attacks against me!

The poll is still running so please support it at:


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Where else can I find Today In Journalism?

So you may be wondering, where else can you find me? So here’s a list of places you can find me:











Is YouTube journophobic?

Youtube recently took down my video
(Episode 4) with no explanation as to why. This is a blatent example of Journophobia.

YouTube also REFUSES to do anything about the trolls and bigots in my comment section. I am a very serious journalist who takes my profession with the upmost seriousness, so YouTube refusing to do anything about this bigotry, is highly offensive to me.

YouTube seems to support the Journophobic trolls instead of actual journalists, like myself. So as a rallying cry, I want everyone to spread the #YTisJournophobic till something changes.


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Why am I only allowed to speak English in the Friends Of Journalism discord server?

You may be asking, why is the server English only? The simple reason is, we can’t moderate properly in other languages. We would absolutely love to be able to let everyone speak their native tongue but unfortunately we can’t.

We don’t know what your saying in French, German, Arabic etc. so we can’t tell if you are saying something bigotted or not. We are deeply sorry for this inconvenience but it is a necessary evil.

Is punk music racist?

Punk music is meant to be violent, anti-state, anti-status quo. However, it may in fact be racist.

Punk music has and is still dominated by White Males, who seem to believe THEY know what’s best for POC around the world, without ever asking them.

Punk music is often seen as positive and a force for good, for everyone, including minorities. However, it is centred on White Males. For example, a well-known British punk band, who won’t be named for fear of a lawsuit, tries to be pro-immigrant, pro-women etc. But never actually asks or helps the groups they claim to support. The band consists of only White Males, none of which fall into any minority group.

This is disgusting. The lack of diversity in this so called “Band” is offensive to a minority, like myself.

To conclude, punk is actually a hateful genre of music which only furthers the white man’s goals over the people it claims to support.