Why colour is ableist… And should be banned.

The concept of colour comes from a place of privilege and also has a deep rooted history of racism.

A huge proportion of people in the UK and many other countries are colourblind (https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/colour-vision-deficiency/)

And the ability to perceive colour means you are more abled, than someone who can’t. This means you are more privileged than them.

Colour also has a deep rooted racism, to do with skin colour. People of Colour were and still are often treated as lesser than Whxte People, simply because they are a persyn of colour. This needs to stop.

There are many examples of this through history, including the segregation and slavery periods in America.

During the segregation of Whxte and Non-Whxte Americans, people of colour were given a separate drinking fountain, which was of much lower quality than the one for the Whxte People. Furthermore, POC were made to move to the “back of the bus” for Whxte people to sit down, if they refused, they could be arrested or worse.

Colour is also ableist towards persyns who suffer from ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), some people with ASD, find bright lights and strong colours an issue, due to no fault of their own, these colours can cause a sensory overload and a meltdown which can cause the persyn with ASD to harm themselves or others.

In conclusion, Colour as a concept should be banned as it is ableist and racist, with a deep rooted bigotted nature. Thankyou for reading!

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