Why beds are racist… And should be banned.

Beds are for comfort, but are all beds equal? No.

Originally, beds were used to elevate the class status of a persyn, lower class persyns would sleep on straw or simple beds whereas upper class would sleep on luxury silk and cloth.

This classism also directly correlates with the status of POC in society. Slaves in America, would sleep on the floor while their “Owners” would be on a luxury bed. This deep rooted idea of lower class and POC should have worse beds needs to change.

The best way to equalise all, would be by banning beds all together. No one is allowed a bed, this way the classism and racism associated with beds is impossible. If this is too radical for you, I propose we instead impose 1 standard of bed for everyone, which is also free for POC and other minorities. This means no bed is bigger than another, and everyone is 1 step closer to equality.

This tied in with a new law that dictates that every room must be the same size and layout, means that a Whxte Mxles house is no larger than a Persyns of colour’s house. Houses would also be free for POC and other minorities of course.

All this will lead us 1 step closer to true equality, where the Whxte Mxn is no longer above POC, and other minorities in society. This will finally bring an end to racism, and only then can we start forming a new world, a new equal world.

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